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A Well Designed and Managed Telecom Infrastructure can make a Difference

Imagine your organization:


Imagine understanding the strengths and weaknesses of every major and regional telecom firm and which one is the best partner for your organization.

Imagine having a senior telecom executive as an advisor to your firm.

Imagine having an objective, independent advisor working with your best interests in mind. Someone whose focus is solely telecom.

Imagine working with a firm that commands the highest level of support and the most competitive pricing from proven, reliable vendors.

Imagine spending less of your time on telecom issues and more of your time running your business.

Imagine how much more profitable your firm would be.

Imagine how much simpler your life would be.

If you have ever wondered about these issues you are not alone

Here are some interesting quotes from recent news articles:

  1. Executives struggle to keep pace with crammed agendas – The single most crucial element for surviving such a schedule… is to have a competent team to which you can delegate important jobs. “At my level, you can’t get caught in the weeds,” she says, “you have to move back to a more strategic position.”(By Carol Hymowitz, The Wall Street Journal, June 23, 2008)
  2. Increased responsibilities for CFO means many are now having difficulty meeting all the requirements. ‘CFOs are being pulled in all directions by the conflicting demands of the various roles that their position entails and ultimately this is not sustainable,’ said Richard Sandwell, lead partner, finance & performance management at Ernst & Young, the author of the survey.(CFOs struggle with growing job demands, Written by David Jetuah, Accountancy Age, 19 Jun 2008)
  3. CIO Magazine recently wrote that “enterprises are hemorrhaging tons of money by not managing their telecom spend in a more standardized, accurate and centralized way. Another reason for the lax management of telecom expenses inside enterprises is due to carrier consolidation and the continued complexity and confusion surrounding rates, billing and contracts” (Feb 7, 2007 Telecom Spending Is Out of Control. And CIOs Still Refuse to Care. Blog/Posted by: Thomas Wailgum, Editor CIO)
  4. The Aberdeen Group states that “enterprises forfeit anywhere from 12 percent to 18 percent of all the money they spend on telecom if they do not have a proactive approach to cost management that leverages technology and process improvements through business process outsourcing, hosted or licensed software”. The report goes on to say “Telecommunications represent one of the top five line-item expense in the budget for most enterprises, yet financial managers have virtually no visibility into spending for this growing category.”

Understanding The Most Common Telecom Challenges