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Top Challenges Facing Credit Unions

Contact Centers – The Member Experience

Members want the best experience possible. They want to be treated with care and they want their issue to be resolved with a single call in a prompt, effective manner. Some of the challenges for credit unions in the contact center include: staffing, call routing, fraud, supporting multiple channel contact options, and core integration. CUs are also faced with making good technology choices (now Cloud and Premise based) that improve the effectiveness of the contact center without degrading the member experience. Recently, the use of third party call center services has become an interesting option to help supplement the contact center, but choosing the right vendor and designing a call management system to prevent costs from getting out of control can be tricky.

Managing Telecom Expenditures

Whether a Credit Union is $100M or $2B in asset size, Telecom Expenditures are a significant expense. Copper phone lines, Voice Services, Data Network Services, Internet, Cell Phones, Wireless Devices, and Data Centers all contribute to this significant expenditure. Telecom Invoices are lengthy and challenging to decipher. Technology Choices are difficult. Managing Contracts and Negotiating the right terms requires a unique type of expertise. Managing Inventories and Usage is important to preventing costs from getting out of control. IT departments have to prioritize things like: Security, the Core System, User Needs, On-Line Banking, Mobile Banking, etc. So, managing telecom costs, while still a priority, is challenging to stay on top of. Worse, finding this expertise on staff is rare. Credit Unions who don’t have this expertise can spend 20%, 30%, or more than necessary.

Technology Evaluations

With so many Cloud and Premise based vendors in the market place, Credit Unions are faced with the challenge of knowing the market – the leading vendors and/or partners, finding the right system/service, designing it to meet their needs, negotiating the best pricing, and the best support contracts and terms. When it comes to Telecom, these decisions might include Voice Systems & UCAAS Cloud based Systems, CCAAS & Contact Center ACDs, IVR Systems, Voice Services, SD-WAN Networks, MPLS & Layer 2 Networks, Internet Services, Celluar & Wireless Services, and Data Centers. This can be challenging, especially when one evaluates this technology only 5 years or more.  An analogy might be that the IT department is the first line of defense or the “General Doctor”, but they sometimes need the help of a “Specialist” in Telecom.

About Us

DCG provides the following services for Credit Unions: Contact Center Consulting, Cloud (UCAAS/CCAAS) & Premise Based Telephony System Selection, and Telecom Savings Audits. What makes us different is 1) our experience with Credit Unions and 2) our ability to look at the entire telecom picture from technical, operational, financial points of view to deliver a comprehensive plan that meets the needs of your credit union. Our President, Tim Proctor, has been in the Telecom Industry since 1996 and has been working with Credit Unions of $100M – $2B in asset size since 2010. DCG helps Credit Unions to make Informed Technology Decisions, to Reduce Costs, and to Improve the Member Experience.

Our Services for Credit Unions

Telecom Savings Audits & Contract Negotiations

We have the cost reduction expertise and creative methodologies to reduce costs with every credit union we work with. Typical Results are 20%-40% savings (Just ask our clients!).

Contact Center Consulting

Whether you are looking to: solve a staffing problem at peak days and times, streamline your call handling process, evaluate a new ACD system or even an outsourced call center option, we can help!

System Selection –  Cloud Based & Premise Based Telephony Systems & Contact Centers

Every 5+ years Credit Unions need to re-evaluate their Technology Options for their Voice and ACD Systems. Without the benefit of recent experience, this can be challenging. In addition, doing what others are doing isn’t always the best answer for your needs and the way that your credit union operates. DCG can help you understand the marketplace, the relevant vendors, the right distributor for you, determine your requirements, and bid your system.  In short, we help you to find the right system/service, the right vendor partner, the right design, the right price, with the best terms and conditions possible.

Other Services

Strategic Planning, Voice & Data Network Design, Disaster Recovery & Contingency Planning, Contract Negotiation, Wireless Services Evaluation, Data Center Evaluation, Project Management, Telecom Expense Management.

Client References

Client References are available upon request.

Most of our Credit Union clients are $100M- $2B in asset size.  While we have been in business since 1996, we have been working with Credit Unions & CUSOs since 2010.  We attend many Credit Union conferences & events.  We will gladly provide you with a list of Credit Union references upon request.

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