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Understanding The Most Common Telecom Challenges

Since 1996, we have assisted numerous firms to address their unique telecom issues. Although each firm has it’s specific issues, they are invariably rooted in one of the following common telecom challenges.

1. Strategic Planning – Gaining control of your telecom situation

Today, companies are faced with numerous potential telecom issues including: knowing what technology to believe in and what to avoid, incorrect invoices, contract issues, finding quality vendors, finding technical expertise, competitive pricing, technical evaluation of new telephony and data systems technology, and the impact to the company’s overall operations.

Delta Consulting provides needs assessment of the technical, financial, operational, and strategic aspects of telecom within an organization so that our clients can identify how to strategically improve the effectiveness of the organization, as well as how to reduce expenses.

2. Telecom Expense Management

Even the simplest telecom system environments have an almost infinite number of telecom services, vendors, and pricing structure alternatives. Many firms do not have the time, funds, expertise, or dedicated staff to regularly monitor and audit their telecom expenditures to ensure that their invoices are correct and that they have the most aggressive pricing available.

Delta Consulting is knowledgeable of the various vendors, services, and pricing structures so that the client does not have to become a telecom expert. Delta Consulting uses a systematic methodology and technology to ensure invoices are correct and pricing is aggressive so that our clients can reduce their costs without reducing their service.

3. Opening/re-locating an office

As companies grow, merge, or consolidate, opening and/or relocating offices becomes a new task for staffs already busy with other responsibilities. There are many issues to deal with including architecture/office design, construction, governmental issues/benefits, furniture purchase/design, movers, etc. Understanding how to design an IT space, equip the IT/Server room for power, cooling, & fire suppression, design the voice/data/video cabling infrastructure, and manage the move and/or installation of voice and data systems is a complex and time consuming chore.

Delta Consulting provides project management services and has the technical expertise to help firms with the IT/Telephony portion of the move so that they can spend their limited time on other key issues and feel comfortable that the work will be done correctly, efficiently, and timely by proven, dependable vendors.

4. Redesigning a voice, data, or converged network

For companies with many locations, designing a network for voice, data, video, or as a converged network requires experience, expertise, and an independent, objective viewpoint. Many firms rely solely on a single vendor who may/may not understand voice, data, and video uses of the converged network or who has an allegiance to a pre-selected manufacturer.

Delta Consulting provides an in-depth, objective analysis of its clients voice, data and video networks and understands the many vendor & technology alternatives so that the client can have peace of mind that it is getting the best possible solution for its unique situation independent of any one vendor.

5. Planning for Hurricanes and Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes in Florida and along the Gulf Coast in recent years have brought a sense of reality to the true need for contingency and disaster recovery planning. Many issues need to be considered – Voice services, Data services, Hot sites, backup sites, etc.

Delta Consulting has been working with companies since 1996 to design and implement contingency plans in case of Hurricanes or other disasters.

6. Technology Evaluation & RFPs

As technology improves, new vendors and new technologies are continually proposing new technology proposals to clients who may have a need/solution fit. Evaluating technology proposals requires knowledge of the technologies, manufacturers, distributors, and pricing, as well as process which sometimes includes an RFP. Independent, objective telecom expertise is a rare resource.

Delta Consulting is an independent, objective firm with great knowledge of the telecom industry who can provide expert technology evaluations so that its clients can make informed decisions with peace of mind.

7. Call Center/Contact Center Issues

Enterprises are adding and growing call centers at a phenomenal pace. People, Processes, and Technology all play an important role in minimizing blocked/abandoned calls and providing a consistent level of service to customers. With the advent of “Contact Centers”, companies have struggled with how to take advantage of increased service levels thru web chat, efax, and email contact with their customers and if the ROI is there.

Delta Consulting provides the best call center consulting expertise available so that clients can take the guesswork out of designing and configuring their call centers or “contact centers”, as well as assisting with the personnel and process issues involved in designing a successful call center.

8. Managing your telecommunications on a daily basis

Few companies can justify a full time telecom director/manager to manage their telecommunications issues. Therefore, many companies use multiple resources to fulfill their telecom management needs to keep up with vendors, invoices, contracts, pricing, technical evaluations, contingency planning, operational concerns, moves/adds/changes, etc. Many times this army of resources includes Chief Executives, accounting resources, and IT/technical resources to try to manage the various aspects of telecom within the organization.

Delta Consulting can assist the client in managing all aspects of their telecommunications situation on an on-going basis so that the client can better utilize its resources to provide support to the primary needs of the organization.

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